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Brian Siskoy
Mar 17, 2021
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Photo: 52219 in KMKE with my wife Camille When did you join the club?: February 2017 What is your background? I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Go Pack Go!). I moved to Arizona in 2004 to attend Arizona State University for a degree in Electrical Engineering. While I was there, I interned for General Motors at the Desert Proving Grounds in Mesa, AZ, and moved to Michigan to work for GM full time in 2010. What got you interested in flying?: I have wanted to fly ever since I was a kid. I remember my mom got me a discovery flight as a gift when I was about 9 years old. My first flight in a small airplane was out of a little airport in Troy, Wisconsin! I was hooked. I remember running through all of the challenges and training courses in MS Flight Simulator 98 at the time, and thought that I would be one of those kids to get their pilot's license before getting a driver's license. That plan didn't work out, but I never gave up pursuing my dreams, and couldn't be happier that I found the Warren Flying Club! It is even more special knowing that my home base is in Troy, Michigan! Favorite Club Plane?: N526BL - love the power, smooth controls, and autopilot for long trips! Your Favorite Location That You've Flown To?: Oshkosh, WI!!! But, not during the EAA Fly-in. Being from Wisconsin, I have relatives in Oshkosh. My wife and I took 52219 on a flight past the Chicago skyline (beautiful!) after a pit-stop in KGYY, and made it to Oshkosh for an afternoon baby shower for my cousin. We spent a few hours at the shower, and then I flew back to Milwaukee to spend the night at my mom's house before heading home the next morning. It was such a special experience landing and taking off from KMKE where I grew up watching the planes take off in the parking lot, eating ice cream and listening to the pilots talking on the radio. Being one of the voices on the radio, and saying "bye mom" while departing was such a special experience! The next endeavor in my flying career is to work on my Instrument rating. Getting my pilot's license at KARB in N9359H on 5/5/2019 First discovery flight in Troy, Wisconsin
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Brian Siskoy

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